Sarah Black: Vocals and Keyboards, Sound Design

Braxton Ballew: 5 String Double Bass, Sound Design

“…an eerie, pitch-black hybrid of gothic rock, heavy metal and classical music”

-Vincent Harris, Greenville Journal

A symphony of darkness, Valentine Wolfe performs gothic music inspired by seances, 19th century gothic literature, macabre history, and death positivity. Combining the haunting soprano of Sarah Black and the bleak maelstrom of Braxton Ballew’s solo double bass, they are dedicated only to one muse: the creation of the sound of mystery and imagination.

In addition to their gothic metal offerings, their insatiable musical curiosity has afforded them multiple opportunities to bring their signature sound to theatrical and film productions. Most recently, they have been creating live scores to silent horror classics, notably Nosferatu and The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. To celebrate the centenary of both films, Valentine Wolfe performed live scores at Dragon*Con in 2021 (Caligari) and 2022 (Nosferatu). In 2022, they scored a series of short films called Triggered, a collection of films telling the stories of female trauma survivors.

Recent work includes 2020’s Only Gossamer My Gown, a celebration of the macabre works of Emily Dickinson. Supported by grants from Greenville SC’s Metropolitan Arts Council and South Carolina Humanities, Only Gossamer My Gown continues Valentine Wolfe’s tradition of creating works equally suitable for metal concerts and libraries, joining 2018’s The Haunting of Mary Shelley and 2017’s death positive, grief-inspired The Elegiac Repose.

In September of 2022, they released their newest collection of gothic metal, Lullabies, Love Songs, and Laments. After performing the official release at Dragon*Con, they performed their Edgar Allan Poe inspired music as part of the International Edgar Allan Poe Festival and Awards  in Baltimore, Maryland.

Send all inquiries to master@valentinewolfe.com