New Music...AGAIN!

We were commissioned to set five poems by Dana Maria Basilone to music. Read her work here, and pick your digital copy of Songs of Euphoria here

And if you're one of the first to snag your copy, you're getting a surprise in the mail from us. 

UPDATE: YOU BETTER CLICK FAST...we only have a few cards left. We'd love to send you something, hesitation! No surrender! No one left behind!

New Music! Eight tracks of haunting atmosphere, perfect for an evening with lost souls. The Deluxe Edition is available here, a 2GB USB drive with all eight tracks in a variety of file formats, album art, album commentary, and a small gallery of inspiration. Or, you can have just the music as a digital download.

We've upgraded our Valentine Wolfe Vault extensively. 16GB just wasn't enough for all of the dark wonders we wanted to share with you. We've now added videos, more singles and rarities, and other exclusives you can't get anywhere else...well, you could over on our Patreon, of course.

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