Love is the great devourer...

It’s nearly here. Lullabies, Love Songs, and Laments, the 2022 Valentine Wolfe album. We’re launching our own pre-order page where you can hear the music before anyone else: if you pre-order ANY item, we’re sending you a digital download of the new album.

We're 100% independent and fan supported. Thank you for making this music possible-we can't do this without you.




Upcoming EVENTS

The Goblin Market 2022 - Le Cirque des Lutins

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I.A.M local 709, 1032 South Marietta Pkwy SE, Marietta, GA

The Goblin Market returns for 2022! The Goblin Market is more than just a vendor event... it's an immersive experience into the Otherworldly. A mix of exhibitors, vendors, and performers and this time... they want to bring you into the French circus. Welcome to Le Cirque des Lutins They're calling you.... will you open that door? The veil is thin for one night only - opening the world to goblin dealers, artisans, craftmakers, and wish-takers. Once again... these goblins want more than just your money. What will they have in store for you this year? We're providing an experience. We have real vendors, but we have goblins (our people) who have trinkets that don't want your money. They may ask for your worst nightmare, your biggest wish when you were 10, what type of secret talent you have.. who knows.. and then if you comply.. you get the item. Join us in a place outside of time and reality, dress up and get lost in yourself.

Located in the IAM 709 Union Hall in Marietta.. we open the doors for only a few hours in an immersive, otherworldly experience. Due to the nature of this event, attendees must be over the age of 16. No exceptions.