From the recording Winternight Whisperings


Darkness without, darkness within I can’t escape these feelings So I walk these moonless paths Winternight whisperings forevermore Chills can creep and burrow deep None can quench the fires within I will journey ever on Winternight whisperings forevermore Winternight whisperings Darkness without, darkness within Winternight whisperings Cloaked in shadows of the night Past that hill, over the mountain Though the frosty winds make moan Though the icicles threaten madness Winternight whisperings forevermore With every step I have to take I feel the gaping loss of you Every footstep I can’t see Pristine snow cannot lie, tells me you are gone Some might choose to find new love Some might choose to forge ahead But I love the darkness now Winternight whisperings forevermore You may choose to greet the dawn You may hope to find new love I will never be alone Winternight whisperings forevermore