From the recording Winternight Whisperings


The Bloody Bonnet at Blue Hole Back before the Civil War in what they called the antebellum days, up near a little Georgia town called Varnell, there was a main road that ran, called the Federal road that ran from Ringgold, Ga to Varnell and points beyond. And one Christmas Eve, some folks say around 1833 or so, a stagecoach driver was making a midnight run from Ringgold coming back to Varnell. It was late. It was stormy. He was cold and so were his passengers. He was working the six horses out front pretty good. About halfway to Varnell, the horses stopped in the middle of the road. No good reason. Couldn’t tell a thing that was going on. He thought is was a bear. Looked up, horses would not move, nothing moving in the underbrush. He laid on the whip. Gave it to them for all they were worth. And, you know what happened? The horses would not move for love or money. Until finally, after he laid a couple open, they moved forward into a brand new sinkhole that had just opened up in the road called the Blue Hole. About 75 foot wide and deep enough that when the stage went in; stage, driver, passengers, and horses, and all, none of them has been recovered to this day. But, kind of a funny story, now the paved road, which I believe was called US 41, bypasses the Blue Hole but it’s still there, all 175 years later. But if you go up that way on a hike or out deer hunting or something, you may see a headless figure looking mournfully into the Blue Hole because supposedly the horses got so irate at the application of the whip that they kicked him. And one of them kicked his head clean off. And he comes back and marvels over his act of folly trying to get those horses to move. Now I say the passengers and the coach and the horses vanished without a trace but that’s not exactly true. Some folks say that a bloody bonnet and a broken horse whip were found on the bank of the Blue Hole. but if you go up that way now, reports are you’ll hear the crack of a horse whip. You may well feel the rush of the carriage as it goes past trying to keep that Christmas Eve appointment. But the most likely thing you’ll see is that poor gentlemen staring into the Blue Hole wondering where his life went so terribly wrong.