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  1. Ligeia

From the recording Once Upon a Midnight


Ligeia Ligeia! Ligeia! My beautiful one Whose harshest idea Will to melody run O! is it thy will On the breezes to toss? Or, capriciously still, Like the lone albatross, Incumbent on night (As she on the air) To keep watch with delight On the harmony there? Ligeia! wherever Thy image may be No image shall sever Thy music from thee. Thou hast bound many eyes In a dreamy sleep But the strains still arise Which thy vigilance keep The sound of the rain Which leaps down to the flower And dances again In the rhythm of the shower Go! breathe on their slumber All softly in ear The musical number They slumbered to hear For what can awaken An angel so soon Whose sleep hath been taken Beneath the cold moon As the spell which no slumber Of witchery may test The rhythmical number Which lulled him to rest