From the recording A Child's Bestiary


Cleaning off the skin Scraping off the chaff Got to keep the cuts small Make the feathers last Jiggle in an eye Paint on the claws Arrange a pose And then it’s done Beauty in this death Jackdaw, magpie, rook, crow Say them all and then you’ll know What’s the secret? Never tell Bad little ones under my spell Receive the little birds In spirits of wine Got to sew the beak shut With a bit of twine Then untie the skin Head turns toward the left Twist ligament This is my design Beauty in this death What life has gotten wrong I can now correct My own interpretation My revisions to the script When a mind is fertile Ready for suggestion What to say How to move Beauty in this death Creating works of art Making something new From a lifeless dead thing Giving a new hue I work my magic only With one goal in mind To breathe new life To start afresh Beauty in this death