Hello, Spooky. We’re Valentine Wolfe.

More specifically, we’re Sarah and Braxton and we have been creating music together inspired by tales of the macabre for over 10 years now. And we want YOU to hear this music.

We want to send you a free copy of our tribute to one of our heroes: Emily Dickinson. We have a free copy of our 2020 CD Only Gossamer My Gown to send you: Just cover $5 for shipping and handling.

In 2020, we wrote an entire album devoted to Emily Dickinson’s poetry. While our heavy, gothic music may seem an odd combination, we felt that sometimes, we all need something a little odd.

And honestly, we found it so easy to find dark and brooding words to set that we came to believe there was a side of Emily that is at best, overlooked.

We feel this so deeply that we’re going to send you the CD for free. Just cover the shipping costs, and we’ll sign your copy and send it to you.

We know that there are people out there who love all things dark and beautiful just as much as we do and we want your soul to select our society. 

If you’re looking for the CD with the song I Felt a Funeral, this is the one.