The Place Where Evil Grows

Valentine Wolfe
Valentine Wolfe


The Place Where Evil Grows 

Have you ever felt out of place? 
Have you ever ended up 
In a world you know is off limits? 

We reach for what lies just beyond 
The edge of tainted fingertips 
Yearn for the blackness which comes 
Past the edge of shadows 

Where nothing ever quite makes sense 
And all surrounding me is wrong 
I can’t believe it might be true 
That I have finally found a home 

So give me the bloodroot whose juice is red 
I’ll drink it down and lose myself 
I’ll partake of the monkshood and as I burn 
All my doubts will drift away 

If home is the place where evil grows 
If home will tear your heart to pieces 
When home wraps you tight in her poisonous blooms 
Where else can I choose to be 

In seeking something we are not 
What type of madness will we find 
And if the rot has settled in 
What new creations then unlock 

I twist the key and close my eyes 
Afraid of what lies just beyond 
But nothing good is ever cheap 
Tonight I know I’ll pay the price


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