The Fall of the House of Usher

Valentine Wolfe
Valentine Wolfe


The Fall of the House of Usher 

it was a crack, it was a fissure 
running down the facade 
the vacant eye-like windows 
reflecting agony inside 
an unredeemed dreariness 
of thought and sensation 
the hideous dropping off of the veil 

Not hear it? yes, I hear it! 
Yes, I have heard it! 
long, long many minutes hours and days 
I dared not speak- I dared not 
miserable wretch that I am 
we have put her living in the tomb! 

do I hear her footstep on the stair 
do I hear the beating of her heart 
Madeline, Madeline 
O whither shall I fly? 

blood red moon 
show me the fissure 
splitting the house of Usher in two 

blood red moon 
just enough light 
to show the tarn swallow it whole

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