La Fée Verte

Valentine Wolfe
Valentine Wolfe


I’m trapped in this bottle 
Please set me free 
Then I will be all yours 
For this night 
Your inspiration 
Your darkling muse 
Your Green Fairy 
La Fée Verte 

Drink, drink 
With me tonight 
Drink, drink 
Deep with me tonight 
Never has a poison 
Tasted so sweet 
Never has your nightmare 
Spoken this way 

La Fée Verte 
They whisper my name 
They long for my touch 
Horrific visions I bring 

La Fée Verte 
One little sip 
One little taste 
Let me show you the way 

La Fée Verte 
The night comes alive 
A swirling haze 
Dancing with you 

La Fée Verte 
Do you long for your muse 
Shall I visit you 
Open your mind to my world

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