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The Ghosts of Christmas past return! Thursday, December 10. Free online concert with Q/A afterwards. Click the image for event registration. 

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New Release for Bandcamp Friday! Get our first live effort, Live From Virtual DragonCon 2020, only on Bandcamp! Buy your digital copy here. 

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Watch our video for This World is Not Conclusion to make the wait for Only Gossamer My Gown even more unbearable!


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Online Release Party for Only Gossamer My Gown

Valentine Wolfe's Official YouTube Channel

We're making our Halloween even more haunting AND socially distanced! Join us for a FREE online event this Halloween-though you will be able to buy digital and physical copies of our new album-and listen to our newest work, see lyric videos for all 11 tracks, and chat with us on our YouTube channel!

Valentine Wolfe with the Silkworm Smugglers: Music inspired by history

Red Light Cafe, 553-1 Amsterdam Ave, Atlanta

Two bands inspired by history, oddities, and costuming. With live silkworms! And throat singing!

Valentine Wolfe is a Victorian goth band. They are death positive and play eery electronica using old poems for lyrics.

The Silkworm Smugglers are a Silk Road folk band that literally smuggles silkworms. They are pro-ethical lawlessness and play acoustic tunes from Asia to Europe and can tell you more than you ever wanted to know about silkworms. You'll hear throat singing, flute, mandolin, violin, and cello.

This show will have metal music inspired by the Victorian period, and pre-Victorian music inspired by silkworms.