Hello, Spooky

We’re Valentine Wolfe. More specifically, we’re Sarah and Braxton and we have been creating music inspired by delving into tales of the macabre together for over 10 years now. We want to send you a free copy of our tribute to Frankenstein: our 2018 album The Haunting of Mary Shelley. Just cover the shipping costs. 

In 2018, we wrote an entire concept album based on Mary Shelley’s life. We used Frankenstein as a story frame (11 chapters? 11 tracks) to celebrate one of our heroes. Between the music and the subject of our story, we need you to hear this music and these stories.

We feel this so deeply that we’re going to send you the CD for free. Just cover the shipping costs, and we’ll sign your copy and send it to you.

We know that there are people out there who love all things dark and beautiful just as much as we do and we want to connect (on a deep tissue level!).

This is an opportunity for us to find our people.