Lessons of the Dead

Valentine Wolfe

Gothic Metal duo consisting of electric upright bass and voice. We write songs about the macabre.

Leanna Renee Hieber is a gothic author. Her books are delightfully dark and spooky and peopled with decadent Victorian characters. These books are so incredible and I highly recommend them! So when Leanna approached us to do a theme song for her series, The Spectral City Series, I got so excited. I read carefully through The Spectral City (book 1) and paid attention to which phrases jumped out at me, almost as if the lyrics were in spectral form and I could channel them the way the main character Eve and her close circle of friends (also mediums) channels the spirits. We used a lot of musical parts (layers) to depict the realities Eve has to navigate, whether spectral or corporeal, so listen for the different bass and vocal parts, along with other musical ghostly apparitions.

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