Sin Eater

Valentine Wolfe
Valentine Wolfe


Sin Eater 

I am your sin eater 
Peccata mundi est 
Such little sins, Such lovely lies 
And every horror’s mine 

I am your sin eater 
I feast upon your lies 
You cannot hide what lies inside 
I taste your every crime 

Memento mori 

I am your sin eater 
You’ve never hurt so good 
To shed the mess, leave pain behind 
Inching towards the sublime 

I am your sin eater 
For each dark thought you have 
For every rage you hurl at me 
It hurts me every time 

Memento mori 

I shall eat your filth 
I shall make you whole 
I can give you peace 
Through the pawning of mine own 

Memento mori

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