The Crimson Masquerade

by Valentine Wolfe

Released 2010
Released 2010
Nine macabre songs forming a song cycle about Vampires featuring sultry and operatic female vocals, electronically manipulated solo double bass, Gothic atmospheres and EBM/Industrial dance beats.
Lady Sarah Black always knew her destiny was to become more than this vale of tears offered: she was to be the sultry singing siren of the most Gothic and grievously macabre performing ensemble and to compose musical masterpieces about the detestable, deviant, and disturbing (and dare one say, delectable) deeds of the wicked and undead.

With her destiny clear, the Lady Black set about becoming the accomplished composer and chanteuse we have all come to know and adore. But soon the Lady Black was faced with a serious dilemma frustrating her attempts to become the world’s foremost Disturbingly Scary and Creepy (yet hauntingly irresistible) Gothic Diva. She realized she needed another corruptible and morally ambiguous soul to help her realize her nefarious plans.

After searing Far and Wide, Sarah realized that the only way to acquire such a creature was to create one herself. Searching through the candidates at the conservatory, Sarah finally found a worthy specimen! He was an easily manipulated apt and talented pupil of the school of music that was perfectly suited for her gothic performing needs. And to carry her luggage.

Unfortunately, he played double bass. Nobody’s perfect.

Soon after, this hopeful and naive young man, with ambitions and dreams of symphony placement and other, more mundane musical renown, suffered from an Entirely Accidental and Not-At-All Suspicious poisoning (too much wolfsbane in his Absinthe).

Our heroine headed down to the cemetery armed with all her numerous skills in the art of resurrection and necromancy, and raised Braxton Ballew from the grave. And now, the stage was set. Regrettably, Dr. Ballew suffered the unfortunate side effects of lunar induced hirsute augmentation and an unprecedented appreciation for raw beef. A regrettable condition, indeed.

In the throes of calamitous events, Valentine Wolfe was born: Purveyors, Performers, and Composers of the finest Gothic Cabaret music for Voice, Double Bass, and Electronics. Proudly providing macabre entertainment for Living, Dead, and Otherwise, since 2006.

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