Musick Most Dark

by Valentine Wolfe

Released 2012
Released 2012
13 tales from the steampunk macabre, featuring sultry soprano vocals and solo electric upright bass (there are no guitars in our music). Add in a dash of electronica and love of heavy metal, and you have a potent musical concoction!
Ever find yourself yearning to hear some Victorian Chamber Metal? No? Ever find yourself wondering what Victorian Chamber Metal is? Yeah? Your search is over! We present Valentine Wolfe: Purveyors, Performers, and Composers of the finest Macabre Melodies for Voice, Double Bass, and Electronics. Proudly Providing Elegant Decadence for all: Living, Dead, and Otherwise.

Goth? Oh yes. Steampunk? Oh, DEFINITELY yes, despite a lack of brown clothing. Reviews containing the phrase "milkshake of the macabre"? See below.

If you're curiosity isn't piqued, here's the TL;DR: take a sultry soprano, add 5 string electric upright bass, combine with harpsichord and various electronic dance beats, a love of visual kei, the Castlevania soundtracks, and Nightwish.

But don't take our word for it: here's what Dragon*Con has to say in the Daily Dragon (review by Joe Church):Performers Valentine Wolfe, a gothic duo from South Carolina, played Thursday night starting at 10PM. Their style infused heavy hitting bass with harmonized eerie vocals. The duo did not stop there—they added to their milkshake of macabre with a drum machine and electronic harmonies. Using the strings on the double bass affected a very nice touch to the complexity of the music.

Their style is not simple; they easily flow into many genres using their unique sound, blending gothic, vaudevillian, and electronic. Valentine Wolfe have created a sound that is as unique as it is mesmerizing. It captivated me and certainly had the audience enthralled.

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