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We have been wanting to write a an epic song about Mary Shelley for some time now, but we had trouble conceptualizing the project. Then with Valentine’s Day approaching, we thought it would be so cool to turn this poem by Mary Shelley into a Valentine’s Day song! We added a few of our own lyrics, but kept hers as they are.

A Valentine for Frankenstein

Don’t break my heart this time

Will he betray my gentle trust

Will horror rule the night?


My heart bleeds for you

My soul yearns for you

Will horror rule this night?


Oh, come to me in dreams, my love!

  I will not ask a dearer bliss;

Come with the starry beams, my love,

  And press mine eyelids with thy kiss.


’Twas thus, as ancient fables tell,

  Love visited a Grecian maid,

Till she disturbed the sacred spell,

  And woke to find her hopes betrayed.


But gentle sleep shall veil my sight,

  And Psyche’s lamp shall darkling be,

When, in the visions of the night,

  Thou dost renew thy vows to me.


Then come to me in dreams, my love,

  I will not ask a dearer bliss;

Come with the starry beams, my love,

  And press mine eyelids with thy kiss.


The epic version of Annabel Lee is now available on CDBaby!


One of the fun musical projects we've tackled was a reworking of an older song, Annabel Lee. We've expanded it out into an epic 12 minute version! If you'd like , please check out our bandcamp page for now and we hope to soon have it up on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, and other places!

 You can now stream or download A Child's Bestiary off our bandcamp page!


A Child's Bestiary is  here! Order information is over at our Store. 

We've created a musical cabinet of curiosities, featuring all manner of beasts, creatures, fiends, and oddities.

And it can all be yours for $12.

A Child's Bestiary: Nine tracks of macabre oddities from the imagination, an exploration of a grotesque menagerie, lurking under the guise of a child's innocent rhymes.

Enter the Bestiary with A Taxidermist's Toybox, a track inspired by surreal horror of the television show Hannibal. My Black Hen is a witches scene, our very own version of a HexensabbatWynken Blynken and Nod are here, the beautiful lullaby taking on a tragic and ghostly interpretation, inspired by post-mortem photography. Then Alfred, Lord Tennyson provides the lyrics for our next creature, the mythical Kraken.  

Corvidae is a sinister nursery rhyme that inspired the entire creation of this imaginary exhibition. We then return to previous inspiration with Silent Siren, a Hans Christen Andersen tale, familiar to most of you, but much more aligned with the source material. And what would our bestiary be without fairies, especially one that some say enables perception of all these wonders? La Fée Verte, or The Green Fairy, appears with promises of exotic dreams and visions…

The next tale, Peter the Wolf, features a young boy named Peter, his grandfather, and his own animal nature lurking beneath the surface.

And our final beast is the Ouroboros, circling around itself and bringing our collection of songs to a close, with some words from our favorite poet, Edgar Allan Poe.  




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